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Wally the wandering Walrus from Wales

Wally the Walrus about to capsize a boat.

Wally the wandering Walrus is not making friends with local boat owners in Wales. Unfortunately all Wally is trying to do is find a place to take a nap and some of his attempts have been more successful than others. Seems that Wally likes trying different boats for size, and usually struggles to squeeze his huge body onto the vessel.

Wally is thought to have drifted from the arctic on an iceberg and the hope is that he will eventually make his way back to his icy home. He was first spotted off the coast of Ireland before later making appearances in France and Spain. The latest stop on Wally’s tour of Europe is the Isles of Scilly, about 25 miles off the coast of Cornwall.

Tourists thrilled to see his efforts to join them on a boat trip recently.

We suggest checking out the full article at Wales Online which shows images of Wally trying a few different boats for size, on one he appears to be struggling to squeeze his huge body onto the vessel, in another he seems more content and relaxed as he snoozes away the day.

For now, though, it looks like he’s very happy where he is.