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Boat Towing Capabilities and Hauling Equipment

Marine Transport - What we Tow

NJ Boat Mover transports power boats and sail boats up to 80′ long, 17′ wide, 17′ tall and 80,000 lbs. All of our modern boat transport equipment is designed to safely support your vessel and meets the Department of Transportation’s specifications, offering air ride, air brakes and lighting. We transport all boats under contract and supply all boat owners with necessary boat preparation instructions. Your free boat hauling quote is provided for you to obtain boat transportation costs. Accurate boat dimensions and specifications ensure your boat hauling quote is an actual transport cost.

We’ll be happy to provide you with client references as all of our boat moving customers have been 100% satisfied. We haul boats up and down Northeastern USA, and down to Florida and South Carolina all the time. From the repeat and word-of-mouth boat hauling jobs we get, we know you’ll be more than satisfied.

Hydraulic Boat Delivery Trailers
Boat Deliver Trailer
No Crane Needed - water launch available
No marina crane needed

Boat Hauling FAQs

No. Our boat transporters are professional drivers not boat preppers. Vessel prep for transport needs to be handled by the pros or you if you are experienced in prepping your boat for transport. Proper preparation of your boat for transport requires careful planning and attention to details. Keep this in mind: If your vessel is being moved at 65 miles per hour into a 15 mile per hour head wind, it is experiencing hurricane force conditions. We will not be responsible for damage that is the result of improper preparation.

Rates start at about $1 a mile and go up depending on: where your vessel is and where it is going, and also the length and weight of your sailboat or motorboat. You can get your boats individual cost to transport by going here: Boat Hauling Quote

Our boat haulers responsibility begins when a boat is lowered or lifted onto our trailer and ends when your boat is lowered or lifted off of our trailer and signed for. You only get one chance to prepare your boat correctly for a damage free arrival. We created this boat moving preparation guide to ensure there are no misunderstandings along the way. Click here to Read: Boat Transport Prep Guide

Each state has different laws, but usually at about 12 feet wide, we/you will encounter additional costs and complexity such as an escort, wide load designation etc.. Generally anything under 12 feet wide or 10 feet high will be a relatively simple move.

We offer affordable boat hauling throughout the entire United States but mainly concentrate on the Northeastern territory which includes the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, MarylandMassachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. We regularly transport vessels to and from Florida during the fall and back to the Northeast during the spring as well.