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Unhitched Boat Trailer Causes Accident

A truck pulling a boat caused a boating mishap Tuesday June 22nd around 2:30 pm on State Route 97 in the state of Washington approximately six miles north of Blewett pass, creating a traffic jam.

A State Patrol Trooper said a 30-year-old male of Gig Harbor was driving his Ford F150 when the occurrence happened.

The boat trailer unhitched to the driver’s amazement. He slows down and the front of the trailer winds up striking the back of the pickup, since it’s wasn’t hitched correctly. The boat and truck then struck the guardrail and caused considerable damage. Turns out the cause was a loose trailer hitch nut.

The boat was launched over the guardrail and onto an embankment. The Ford finished in the approaching path. The result was a traffic jam for around 20 minutes. Fortunately a female traveler had only a minor arm injury.

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