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How NOT to tow a boat

Police warned a driver seen towing a boat on a trailer rigged up to the trunk of a sedan on Tuesday about safety concerns and urged the driver to get the boat towed.

Desperate times and lack of safety concerns?

Eugene Police said the driver told officers the boat was their home.

The boat looks to be in the 24- to 27-foot range on a tandem-axle trailer, meaning the typical tow vehicle of choice would be a pickup, most appropriately a heavy-duty one.

It’s hard to tell exactly how the boat owner/driver has the trailer “hitched” on the inside of the trunk. But it’s easy to see that the tongue weight alone is more than the car.

Police issued the driver a warning. This all happened around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Eugene station KVAL-TV reports that a photographer today checked the area around where police encountered this rig, and found the boat had somehow come off the trailer and was on the side of the road now (below). Nearby was a discarded couch, some trash, and a lawnmower. The car and trailer were gone. And the driver is now most likely homeless.