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Oops! 38′ Boat Falls off Trailer onto Florida Highway

Florida Boat on Highway
38′ Boat on the highway in Florida after falling off trailer

In March of 2021 a pink and white 38-foot yacht was being towed west on the Florida interstate near mile marker 56 when “the boat trailer started swaying violently from side to side”. The Scout 380 LXF which costs $825,222 blocked traffic on a Florida highway for several hours after falling off its trailer. The yacht then collided with a guardrail, causing it to disconnect from the trailer and roll several times before coming to a stop in the middle of the road blocking traffic for around three hours on I-10 in Okaloosa County in the Florida panhandle.

Fortunately there were no injuries besides the transporters pride. The vessel was finally removed with a rotator wrecker, which was able to lift the entire boat off the ground according to the Orlando Sentinel.

All we can say is that we hope all insurance was up to date.

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