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NJ Boat Mover has become the source for marine transport covering a 14 state territory in a relatively short amount of time. Boat moving and boat delivery is what our boat haulers do, and our many happy customers tell us we do it very well. Your driver will have an impeccably clean driving record and of course, all are fully insured and personally own their own modern boat hauling equipment. Most of the boat moving equipment used is hydraulic which gives you a choice to either store your vessel on land, or launch directly in the water without the need of a Crane at both locations.

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The main reason we have chosen these 14 states is so our drivers can spend time with their families. We of course make some exceptions and accept a long haul marine transport on occasion, but prefer the following 14 states.
New Jersey - NJ is home base for many of our boat haulers, hence our easy to remember name..
Connecticut - Delaware - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - New Hampshire - New York
Ohio - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - Vermont - Virginia - West Virginia
Our team of experienced drivers will make sure that you, the customer, enjoys a stress free boat moving experience by delivering your boat on time and undamaged to the location you specify at a very competitive price.
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Please take a moment to read over our boat delivery preparation guide..
If our driver arrives and your boat is not ready for the road, additional charges may arise.
So please read the boat prep guide we have put together for you so your boat arrives undamaged.
NJ Boat Mover provides a free quote based on the information you provide to us in your boat transport quote request. We listen to your needs and do our homework so you know up front all costs necessary to move your boat. We are setup for powerboat, yacht and sail boat hauling.
Our boat haulers responsibility begins when a boat is lowered or lifted onto our trailer and ends when your boat is lowered or lifted off of our trailer and signed for. You only get one chance to prepare your boat correctly for a damage free arrival. We created this boat moving preparation guide to ensure there are no misunderstandings along the way. Click here to Read: Boat Transport Prep Guide
To accurately offer you a boat transport quote, we begin by calculating the miles from point (A) where we load the boat, to point (B) where you want your boat delivered. Next we need to determine the size of your vessel and figure out the miles, if any, that we will need an escort. The reason for an escort is because each state has their own rules and regulations our drivers need to follow. IF YOUR BOAT IS NOT PROPERLY PREPARED FOR HAULING, BOAT WILL BE SHIPPED "AS IS" AND HAULER WILL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RESULTING DAMAGE. So please be sure to read our Boat Prep Guide. and take all steps necessary to ensure a damage free delivery.
Once you have chosen a Transporter, we will email you a contract which you need to sign and return to us with a deposit for half of the marine transport charges. This deposit secures your moving date and the remaining balance is due by official bank check, wire transfer, credit card or cash upon delivery. Our boat hauling rates are extremely competitive!
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